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About Us

PhotosFinished was founded in 2011 by Becky Hussey and Kerry Butkovich.  Our business was launched after a school trip to Washington D.C.  We found our common passion for family archives, photos, and creating photo gifts was indeed a foundation for a business.  We knew we could help others get to the finish line with their photos and have been working with clients ever since to do just that!

DSC_6764_BeckyBecky Hussey has 10 years’ experience in organizing both digital and printed photos, as well as creating photo books.  She has been a Certified Photo Organizer for 5 years.  Becky is a photo enthusiast who is the self-appointed family archivist for all her immediate family’s photos and memorabilia as well as multiple prior generations.  She has a passion for helping others not only organize their photo collections, but creating meaningful photo gifts.

Becky has an undergraduate degree in Business from Miami University and a Masters in Education/Counseling from Xavier University, and lives with her husband, two children and two dogs in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kerry business photo editedKerry Butkovich has 7 years’ experience in organizing both digital and printed photos, as well as 10 years’ experience in creating photo slideshows.  She has been a Certified Photo Organizer for 5 years.  Kerry is also the archivist for her family’s photos and memorabilia going back several generations.  She loves to work with clients creating beautiful slideshows for special occasions.

Kerry has an undergraduate degree in Psychology  from Washington University and a Masters in Teaching from Miami University,  and lives with her husband, four children and dog in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Our mission at PhotosFinished is to give you peace of mind that your photos are safely stored, organized, accessible and part of your life again.

Knowledge and education are of utmost importance to the staff at PhotosFinished.  We pride ourselves on being experts in the photo organizing field, keeping atop of the latest technology including software, devices, storage solutions, and cloud services.  We pass this knowledge on to our clients so that they can make informed decision about their unique photo needs.

How We Can Help

We understand the guilt associated with having unorganized boxes of photos; multiple phones, computers and cameras with precious memories on them just waiting to be attended to.  Finding the time to tackle this mess that only continues to grow is challenging – we get that.

This is not a project that you have to face alone.  We can help!  Our services can be tailored to meet your needs. We work with you in three different ways:

  1. Premium Service – we do all the work for you
  2. Side-by-Side Service – we work alongside you to create your system
  3. Do It Yourself Jump Start – we share our ideas and techniques that you implement on your own

We can customize packages to meet your needs and you make the call on how involved you want to be.

Ready to get started, contact us.

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