PhotosFinished is a photo management business that understands the importance of simplicity. Our expertise will take the mystery out of organizing your photos, leaving you with an intentional collection that is easily accessible and safely preserved. We want you to have more time making memories and sharing them with those you love.

Meet Becky Hussey, a Certified Photo Organizer

I have officially been a photo manager since 2010 but consider myself a lifelong student of documenting and preserving memories.

Many of my earliest childhood memories are from photos.  Being the youngest of four children, I do not remember many of the trips we took in vivid details as my older brothers do.  Fortunately, my dad was a documenter.  Every trip, birthday party or event, he came equipped with a film camera, a video camera and often a tape recorder.  Most of our family slides are documented with the date, location and often a witty note.  He instilled in me the value of documenting, preserving, and sharing our family history.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to have made a career out of helping others share their family stories.

I joined forces with Kerry in 2011 to form PhotosFinished and together we have been helping clients organize, share, and preserve their family history through photos, videos and memorabilia. I became a Certified Photo Organizer in 2013 with The Photo Managers (formerly Association of Photo Organizers, APPO).

One of my favorite projects to work with clients on is creating custom photo books. I enjoy the “story” of photos and I love to help others tell their story through photos and memorabilia.  Call me old school, but there is still something magical about holding photos in your hands rather than looking at them on a screen.

I have an undergraduate degree in Business from Miami University and a Master’s in Education (Agency and Community Counseling) from Xavier University.  I live in Cincinnati with Steve, my husband of 29 years, and our two chocolate labs, who may or may not have been replacements for our son and daughter (twins) who are currently in their senior year in college ? I enjoy photography, making photo books and traveling.

Meet Kerry Butkovich, a Certified Photo Organizer

I have been photo manager since 2011. In 2004, I chose to end my high school teaching career to raise my 4 children. However, I quickly realized that I was missing the amazing connections that I had with my students and co-workers as a teacher. I looked for flexible options to fill that void. My sister-in-law guided me towards creating slideshows for special events. I found that so many people wanted the finished products, but because their photos were such a mess, they could not collect the photos needed for the slideshow.

Becky shared with me her work (and passion) in photo management and I was hooked. We joined forces in 2011 and PhotosFinished was born. In 2013 I became a Certified Photo Organizer with The Photo Managers (formerly Association of Photo Organizers, APPO).

As a former teacher, I love educating and training. Although I can completely manage a client’s collection independently, my specialty is working with our “DIYer” clients that want to complete some of the work on their own. I love to break down large tasks, work through the challenges and help people learn to get their photos back into their life.

The satisfaction that a client gains when they see the rewards from their efforts in a finished, organized catalog are fantastic for me.

My other passion is speaking. If you are looking for a professional development day for your company, a local instructor for a class or simply a get together of a group of friends to learn about photo management, I am your lady. Becky and I have taught numerous classes over the years and we LOVE to share our passion.

As we say, Your Photos, Our Touch!!

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. At WU, I was a captain and member of the 1989 NCAA Division III National Championship Volleyball Team. I received my Master of Arts in Teaching from Miami University. I am happily married to my husband Joe and we are the parents of 4 amazing and unique children who keep me very busy but happy. My passion when not managing photos is being in a gym watching volleyball. I prefer watching someone I know play but truly could watch anyone play volleyball and be happy!!

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