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Archival Storage Solutions

At PhotosFinished we know the importance of properly handling and storing your photos, videos and memorabilia.  Photos stored in plastic bins and other non-archival safe containers can deteriorate over time.  We have done our research and have found products that your precious memories will be safe in.

Here are a few products that we use in our business and have recommended to many of our clients.

The items listed below can be ordered by contacting us directly.

Photo Safe Pencils

Do you have printed photos that you would like to write identifying information on the back?  Using a ballpoint pen or a pencil can damage the photos.  We highly recommend these photo-safe pencils.

They come in 3 colors, red, black & white.

Price: $20



Ideal for the safe handling of prints, negatives, documents and art work. These gloves are comfortable to wear and will prevent oils from contacting artwork or documents.
Price: $10

CD or DVD Boxes

Have you ended up with a collection of photos stored on cds and dvds?  If so, they should be properly stored in archival-safe containers.

These containers hold from 20 to 80 cds/dvds depending on if they are in jewel cases or paper sleeves.

Complete kit with 100 paper sleeves $52
Kit without sleeves $37

Slide Storage Box

Have you inherited a collection of family photos that are in the slide format? If so, we recommend a slide storage kit  that neatly and safely stores up to 1200 standard 35mm slides.

Price: $91


Drop-Front Boxes

These boxes are perfect for the storage of prints, photos, art and similar mounted or unmounted documents that are best stored flat. This style of box is also well-suited for digital prints, musical scores, pamphlets, letters, newspapers and other flat collectibles.

Small (9½ X 12½) $17
Large (12¾ X 16 5/8) $27


This is a small sampling of archival safe storage solutions. Have another need beyond what you see here, call us, we may be able to help you.

Phone: 513-706-6178

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