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virtual classes

We are excited to introduce our online classes! If you are stuck at home and thinking it might be a good time to tackle that big box of photos, or to backup your digital photos, or maybe you just want to better understand all the cloud storage options for your photos? We have a class to help! For a limited time we are offering 3 classes at an introductory price of $35 each, plus an option for more personalized instruction at $75/hour.

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Understanding Backup and Cloud Services

Are you concerned that you don’t have your photos backed up properly? Every day there are new services offering cloud storage for your photos and it can be overwhelming to choose the best solution for you. We will walk you through some of the most popular services such as iCloud, Amazon Photos, Google Photos, and several more, sharing the pros and cons with you as well as criteria to consider when deciding the best choice for you. This class will give you the confidence to develop a backup plan and help you rest at night knowing your photos will be safe!

$35.00 each | 75 Minutes

Organizing Digital Photos

Are you overwhelmed with the volume of digital photos you are accumulating? This class is for you! We will provide a framework on how to organize your digital photo collection. Topics will include consolidation, removing duplicates, keywording and metadata, and most importantly, backup. This class is applicable for Mac and PC users and gives you a good mix of practical and technical information that you can implement today to help bring order to your digital photo collection.

$35.00 each | 75 Minutes

Organizing Printed Photos and Memorabilia

Join us for a “hands-on” class teaching you a system to organize your printed photos and memorabilia. We will send you a prep list before class so you will be ready to follow along. You’ll need a box of 500-1000 photos that need to be sorted. We will be working through a box of photos too and showing you how to quickly sort photos, how to handle duplicates and negatives, and how to think ahead to digitizing your collection. We pack a lot of information into this class and you leave the class with a blueprint to move forward on your own.

$35.00 each | 75 Minutes

FREE Forever Class

Have you ever wished you had all your photos, memorabilia and video stored in one location for simple accessibility?  Does the thought of actually pulling them together to achieve this seem like an impossible task?   What if there was a safe, private, guaranteed, permanent cloud storage solution that you owned rather than rented on a monthly or annual basis?  Would you be interested?  What if the cost was only pennies per priceless photo?

We have a solution to your challenges.  At PhotosFinished, we are passionate about helping simplify the process, allowing our clients more time to make and share memories. Come join us for a FREE 30 minute no obligation guided tour of how FOREVER can work for you.

FREE | 30 minutes

Ask a Photo Organizer

So often when we tell someone that we are photo organizers, they immediately have “just a few questions” about managing their photos.  They can range from “How can I more easily search for photos on my iPhone?”, “I have so many duplicates of my digital photos, how do I fix this?”, “What do you suggest for handling my childrens’ artwork?”, to “What is the best format to transfer my old reel film to?”.  We love these questions! 

We offer an hour phone or Zoom call to answer your photo, video and memorabilia management questions.  We can share our screen with you or ask you to share yours if it will be helpful in answering your questions.  We will ask what your topic(s) will be ahead of time so that we can be prepared and use your time efficiently. Feel free to gather up to 3 friends and share the cost of this hour packed full of information geared right to you! Schedule your call today! 

$75.00 | 60 minutes

Phone: 513-706-6178

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