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The first step to organizing your photos is determining what types of memorabilia you have, as well as what projects are priorities. For some people, simply thinking about the process is stressful. We are here to help! As Personal Photo Organizers, PhotosFinished offers many services, but not every client has a need for all of them. The 5 questions below will help guide you to the services that will best fit your needs.

However, if you have a very specific project you want to accomplish, you might want to jump right to our 3 hour “Jump Right In” package.

What is your biggest concern with your photo and video collection?

A.  The box of photos in the closet

B.  The collection of digital photos on your computer

C.  The years of tapes and reels that you can no longer view

D.  The fear that you will lose it all

Which project listed below would you choose to do first?

A.  Rescue the photos from the boxes and closets and bring them back into your life

B.  Organize the photos on your computers and devices so that you can easily and quickly locate them

C.  Spend the evening watching old home movies that have been transferred to a viewable format

D.  Set up a system so that everything is protected, even if it is a jumbled mess

Which type of memorabilia do you access most often?

A.  The photos stored in albums and boxes

B.  Your digital photo collection (those stored on a computer or online)

C.  The photos stored on your phone

If there was a fire or tornado to your home, what would you grab first?

A.  You photo albums

B.  Your computer

C.  The box of home movies

You favorite way to view your photos would be:

A.  By looking through the albums and scrapbooks that have been created over the years

B.  By creating a slideshow or collage of the digital images that would play on your screen

C.  By popping in the home movies and having a movie night with the family

D.  It doesn’t matter as long as they are protected and safe

Mostly As: You are more of a traditionalist when it comes to your photos. You love the idea of a traditional album and seeing the photos in print. You probably have some albums but have not kept up with the process and wish you had the time and energy to get that project completed. You will want to start with Printed Photo Organization.

Mostly Bs: You have managed to embrace the digital age. You probably have many photos on multiple devices and you can’t seem to create the perfect system for maintaining and finding your photos. You will want to focus your efforts on Digital Photo Organization.

Mostly Cs: You love the nostalgia that comes with old home movies. You have probably captured many of your children’s special moments on film and can’t wait to watch Little Johnny take his first steps again. You might even have the old reel films taken by your parents. You will want to begin with Transfer Services.

Mostly Ds: If you answered D to most of the questions, then organization is secondary to knowing that everything is safe. The thought of losing your family photos and movies keeps you up at night. You will want to make a Back Up plan your first priority.

Mixture of A, B, C & D: You can start anywhere! It sounds like ALL of your photos and family memorabilia are a top priority. Chances are you have systems in place and just need help finetuning them.

After answering the “Getting Started” questions above, do you still feel like you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you don’t feel like you have a good grasp on what memorabilia you actually have? Then our Memorabilia Inventory is for you! Click here to find out more.

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