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Photo Protection

Every day over 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook.  Digital photos are easy to take but even easier to forget.

The average life of a digital photo on a mobile device is now 7 seconds – we look at it, maybe post it on social media and then don’t think about it again.  But what does this mean for future generations?

How do we preserve these photos so future generations can see their family history.

There are millions of people, probably just like you, that have the responsibility to preserve photos and memorabilia from early 20th century ancestors on up to today’s youth.  These photos and memorabilia span a dizzying array of media:

  • Heritage photos
  • Slides
  • Printed snapshots
  • Film reels
  • VCR and camcorder tapes
  • Memory cards
  • Photo cds
  • Computer hard drives filled with digital photos
  • Cell phones and tablets
  • Photos stored on social media platforms

We will help you safely back up and preserve all of these for safe passage to future generations.

We offer a range of solutions and craft a plan that best meets your needs.

Listed below are a few options that we strongly believe in.  Please contact us to discuss how they might work for you, or explore them through the links below.


If you want a simple, inexpensive way to back up not only the digital photos and videos on your computer(s), but all your other important documents and data, then BackBlaze is a great place to start and can you give you peace of mind.

At $5/month or $50/year (save $10), you can rest easy knowing your photos and videos are safely stored in the cloud.

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Forever is the only guaranteed, permanent online storage company in the world.  Are you looking for that  “safety deposit box” in the cloud for all your photos and documents to pass to future generations? Forever is that and so much more.  You can store, organize, edit and share your photos as well as create meaningful photo gifts all in Forever.  Additionally, you can access your photos from anywhere by logging into your account.  You can even access them from your mobile phone.  Imagine being able to pull up your entire lifetime of photos on your phone?

You own your Forever account and your photos are guaranteed to be safely preserved, protected and available for your lifetime plus 100 years through the Forever Guarantee Fund.


Mylio (“My Life Organized”) is a digital organizing program that allows you to collect, organize, protect and synch across multiple devices your entire digital photo and video collection. If you are uncertain about cloud storage, Mylio may be for you.  No cloud storage is necessary.  Mylio is secure and private.  If you want to synch across devices, you use your own wifi network even if it is not connected to the internet.

Plans range from free to $250/year

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Not sure which option is best for you?

Schedule an initial consultation and we can help you sort through the choices and provide recommendations.

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We can work alongside you to create an organized system for your photos, we can do it for you, or we can share our ideas and techniques that you can use to do it on your own.

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