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Photo Protection

Every day over 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook. Digital photos are easy to take but even easier to forget. The average life of a digital photo on a mobile device is now 7 seconds – we look at it, maybe post it on social media and then don’t think about it again. But what does this mean for future generations? How do we preserve these photos so future generations can see their family history.

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Speaking & Training

At PhotosFinished, we love to share our knowledge on both individual and group levels. We are available to speak to groups, small or large, about many photo related topics such as:

  • Photo organizing, both traditional printed photos and digital catalogs
  • Sharing your life’s stories
  • Creating memorable gifts such as photobooks and slideshows
  • And many other photo organizing topics

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Video Transfer Services

Expert Conversion of the following formats :

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • MiniDvs
  • 8mm
  • Hi-8
  • Beta (extra charge of $10 per tape applies)
  • Ask us about other formats

Features of our Video Transfers

  • Written inventory of the items to be transferred
  • Each tape is viewed for quality by a trained technician
  • Transferred directly onto computers
  • Handwritten label transcription
  • Transferred footage delivered via a private website for easy digital download (free for 90 days; extra charge thereafter)
  • Secure Shipping to our transfer experts is necessary but tracking codes and immediate inventory of goods both to and from are included

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Digital Photo Organizing

Most people have digital photos scattered across multiple devices and are frustrated by not being able to find their photos. Think about all your photos that are currently living on your computer hard drives (both old and new), memory cards, photo CDs, mobile phones (both old and new), and tablets. Gathering all of them in one location, removing duplicates, organizing them in a way that makes sense to you, and safely backing them up, is what our digital photo organizing services are all about!

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Scanning Services

Bringing your past memories into the digital age is what our scanning services aim to do. Whether you have snapshots from the 1980s or heritage photos from the 1920s, we can digitize them not only as a means of preservation, but for your use in creating books, gifts or simple reprints for sharing. We can scan a wide range of items:

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Film Transferring Services

Photos are beautiful reminders of times gone by. Videos bring a new dimension to these memories. Whether it is viewing silent reel film footage or an iPhone video clip, you are immediately transported into that memory. Many of us have a video collection that spans not only decades, but several media types. Your collection may include reel film, Super8, vcr tapes, camcorder tapes, and memory cards. We can help convert all of these and more to a digital format.

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Printed Photo Organizing

Our printed photo organizing packages help bring order to your printed photo collection. We help collect, organize, back up, and safely preserve your printed photos. We have a package to meet your needs. Collecting information from you, prior to organizing, allows us to more easily sort the photos in a way that will be most beneficial to you.

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