Digital Photo Management

Let us make sense of the digital confusion. Understanding and keeping up with the latest technology is what the experts at PhotosFinished do best. Through our years of working with clients, coupled with our technical knowledge, we create engaging collections of memories that are consolidated, searchable, and shareable.

Your Concerns:

  • I have photos stored on multiple computers, hard drives, sd cards and CDs. Some of them I don’t even know how to retrieve.
  • I am sure I have many duplicates or even triplicates of photos across my devices.
  • I love taking photos with my cellphone but worry that something could happen to them.
  • I have an iPhone but wish I understood how and if iCloud is protecting my photos?
  • I can get overwhelmed with technology and how quickly it changes
  • I wish I had a better understanding of the cloud and can I trust it to hold my photos and videos?

We can Help

We can solve all of these issues! Our clear and simple system can either be done for you or our staff can teach it to you for you to complete on your own, or some combination of the two.

Your Photos, Our Touch.

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