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Every year we all have celebrations with family and friends.  Have you ever wished that you could honor the event with a slideshow, capturing the experiences of the honoree with emotion? It may be a graduation, a wedding, a vacation, a bar mitzvah, a birthday, a sports team event, or even a memorial service.  A slideshow is the perfect answer.  It can tell a story in such a dynamic and memorable way that the audience will be touched.

At PhotosFinished, we love to help craft a unique show for a special event or even a recap of a recent vacation.   We work with you to create just the “right mood” for your show.  You will find our slideshows to be engaging and and creative.

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Here is a medley of some our slideshow features.

We can work alongside you to create an organized system for your photos, we can do it for you, or we can share our ideas and techniques that you can use to do it on your own.

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