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That One Photo

Every Photo Tells a Story

The most rewarding part of our job is hearing our clients share stories about photos they re-discover through the organizing process. Often our clients will say finding “that one photo” meant the world to them. They are instantly transported into the photo and feel all the emotions that the photo represents.

Whether you use our services or not, we would love to hear your photo stories.

Enjoy the stories posted below and if you are inspired, please submit your photo and story for others to see.

Submitted by Becky Hussey

Age: 47 Co-Owner of PhotosFinished

Many years ago I took on the task of digitizing my family’s extensive slide collection. I hadn’t seen many of the photos in years, and some I had never seen.

My dad was the photographer for most of our family vacations and events so he was often not in the photos. I came across this photo of my dad with me and my 3 older brothers. I am not sure I can explain what the photo represents to me.

We were fortunate enough to take long summer vacations because both of my parents were teachers. Being the youngest I don’t remember many of the trips, including this one to the east coast, but looking at the photo it brings up many memories. My dad was an only child and I think having 4 children of his own opened up a whole new world to him. He loved sharing these adventures with us and he had a quirky sense of humor. When I look at this photo, I see “pure happiness”. Having recently lost my dad, this photo is even more special to me.

Submitted by Kerry Butkovich

Age: 47 Co-Owner of PhotosFinished

I chose my photo not only because of the memories that it evokes from me but also because it represents the principle of why I love photographs. EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY.

If you simply looked at this photo, it would be a blurry photo of three guys sitting in a street. However, the story behind it really represents my family. I am the youngest of 5 children. We grew up in a 2-story home in Indianapolis, Indiana. My mother committed her life to raising the five of us and did a wonderful job. The two oldest are my brothers, Bob and Kevin. We lived in a relatively small house by today’s standards and my mom would frequently be trying to cook dinner while my brothers were playing Nerf basketball at the hoop that hung over the basement door. That door happened to open right into the kitchen and very near the oven and stove. There was always something crazy going on in my house and on occasion, my mother would get exasperated with us (especially when basketball coincided with cooking).

As my brothers got older, the obstacles became more challenging. One day, my mother in a not so patient tone suggested that the boys “go play in the street”. Well, in usual Fagan Family fashion, my brothers picked up a game and took it out in the street and played. They would get up and move it when a car came down the street and then return to the game. Finally, a neighbor came over and asked my mom if she knew why the boys were in the street. My mother went to the front door, took a look at the boys and started laughing. As my childhood was filled with moments like this, this picture reflects all that I love about my family.

FYI…the third boy was a neighbor who was an only child. He was around so much, we really thought of him as a part of the family.

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    Whether you use our services or not, we would love to hear your photo stories.

    Please submit your photo and story for others to see.

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