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Film Transfer Services

Photos are beautiful reminders of times gone by.  Videos bring a new dimension to these memories.  Whether it is viewing silent reel film footage or an iPhone video clip, you are immediately transported into that memory.

Many of us have a video collection that spans not only decades, but several media types.  Your collection may include reel film, Super8, vcr tapes, camcorder tapes, and memory cards.  We can help convert all of these and more to a digital format.

Some Things to Consider

  • Reel film is aging as you read this (it can become brittle/dry or curl)
  • A 50 ft reel film usually has about 4 minutes of video on it
  • VCR tapes degrade in quality every time you play them and are susceptible to breakage
  • Memory cards can be lost or damaged

We will transfer your film and videos to a digital format that will stand the test of time.  Many people, us included, had videos transferred to DVDs a decade ago which was great, but what happens when DVDs become obsolete?  We provide you with a digital file that can be saved to your computer, external hard drive or even DVD, but you will always have the digital file to work from.

Formats We Transfer

  • Reel film
  • Super8

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Not sure what to do with your thousands of iPhone clips that are filling up your phone’s memory, but are too precious to delete?  Call us for an initial consultation and we can provide you with options for organizing your video collection.  Click here for more information.

We can work alongside you to create an organized system for your photos, we can do it for you, or we can share our ideas and techniques that you can use to do it on your own.

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