Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a photo manager?

  • Great question! As photo managers, we help clients bring order to their collection of photos, videos and memorabilia AND provide a blueprint to manage their collection moving forward.

What types of services do you provide?

How do you charge?

  • We charge a per item cost for scanning and transfers. For photo management projects, we use hourly packages. This allows flexibility for the DIYer as well as our full-service clients. The scope of the project will determine the size of the hourly package needed. Click here for a free 30 minute phone consultation. We can discuss the details of your project and provide guidance on packages.

I have a bunch of photos stuffed into boxes. How do I get started?

  • We would suggest that you set up a 30 minute phone consultation. Most of our clients have found that with a little discussion, they can get a clearer idea of where to start and what to prioritize.

Do you have any solutions for kids’ artwork, school programs and other memorabilia?

  • Yes we do! We have so many great suggestions for how to handle all of that priceless memorabilia, from consolidation and safe storage to creative displays. Please call to find out more!

I have a limited budget, can you still help me?

  • Yes we can! We work with many DIYers who are looking for guidance on how to manage their collections. We have years of experience working with clients on a variety of projects and can share our knowledge and systems for you to work at your own pace, without breaking the budget. Many clients ask for homework and timelines to work on, and we check back in periodically.

How is it possible for you to organize my photos when you do not know my family or my history?

  • It takes a little work at the beginning but we use a family inventory form to collect pertinent information and we ask for a few photos that are representative of important people and places to help guide us. Finally, in our technological age, we can text you a few photos here and there to ask for clarification if you are willing. We usually have a small collection of miscellaneous photos that we hold until we can set up a time to consult with you.

How long will my project take?

  • It is hard to know the length of your project, but we can provide a general timeline of a starting date and will keep you posted along the way. If you let us know in the beginning that you have time constraints or deadlines you are working with, we will do our best to meet them.

Will you throw away any of my printed photos as you sort them?

  • Absolutely not! We will place photos that we believe could be thrown away (the misfired shot of a toe) in a collection for you to review, but the final say is up to you.

Can you help with duplicates either in print or digital format?

  • We have systems to help remove/separate duplicates. We can do this for you or train you how to apply our systems. Simply ask!

Do you teach courses or workshops?

  • We do! We have taught workshops for a number of years in local community centers and private homes. Talk to us about how to collect a group of friends and have a fun workshop!

Can you work remotely with clients?

  • Yes, we were already working remotely with clients prior to the COVID pandemic. We have all the tools to teach remotely or access your computer remotely to keep your project moving forward without face to face contact.

Do you scan photos? How much do you charge?

  • Yes we do. See our scanning page for pricing information.

What makes your business special or unique?

  • We are two business women with a passion for helping people enjoy, share and preserve their memories. We are moms who became the family historians and found a solution for creating a family archive that can be shared for generations to come. We love to help others not only organize and manage their collection but find ways to pass on the stories that make the memories so meaningful. Be sure to ask the story of how our business was formed.

What would you say to the person who wants to organize their collection themselves?

  • Call us first! We love to help those that want to work on their own. We pride ourselves on continually learning, from new technologies to new methods, but we also know what works and what doesn’t.  Efficiency is always our goal and we know that we can save your time and frustration with a little guidance.   It is not uncommon for clients to say, they have started this project many times, but get stuck when they don’t have a clear plan.

What is your recommendation if I have negatives AND prints? Which should I scan?

  • The negative is absolutely the purest form of the image and the best to scan from a professional standpoint. However, scanning a negative is much more expensive and will often require some post-scan editing. If you have a talent for editing, you may prefer to the scan the negative. However, most of our clients are not confident that they have negatives for all of their photos and they do not want to pay the higher cost to scan the negative. So scanning the print is usually the chosen path.

What kind of a backup solution do you recommend?

  • We follow the 3-2-1- Backup* method. The general idea is that you have 3 versions of your photos in 2 different formats (print, external hard drive, cloud, etc.), and 1 should be off-site (cloud storage, external hard drive stored in another physical location, etc.)

*credit to Leo LaPorte

Where are you located?

  • Cincinnati, Ohio but we can work remotely with clients around the country

Will any of my photos or memorabilia be shipped off-site?

  • The only items we ship are transfers. We use secure, trackable shipping and the transfer company is a trusted vendor that we have vetted.

Do you transfer tapes from video cameras or reel film?

  • Yes, but we outsource this process. We have a trusted vendor that we have chosen after a thorough vetting process based on quality and care.

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