Our preferred permanent, shareable cloud storage service solution is FOREVER.  Not only does it protect your memories, it provides simple tools for you and your family to share your stories.  This is a great do it yourself photo organizing solution.

A photo is so much more than just a photo.  It is a captured moment of our life.  Looking at our photos reminds us of all the people, places, and experiences in our lives.  They are priceless gems meant to be saved forever.

As photo organizers, one of the requests we receive the most is “I just want all my precious photos and videos to be in one place, and safe”.  Our answer is FOREVER. Explore a sample account in FOREVER.

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FOREVER offers so much, but here are our TOP TEN favorite features:

  1. You buy storage once and you own it, no monthly subscriptions
  2. They never sell your information to advertisers, privacy is a cornerstone of FOREVER
  3. FOREVER protects the integrity of your photos, storing them at full resolution and retaining all pertinent information (see testimonial below)
  4. FOREVER not only stores photos, but you can put memorabilia, documents, videos and audio recordings into your account
  5. FOREVER offers media conversion services and will automatically add footage from your reel films, VHS tapes and other media directly to your account. A simple one step process.
  6. FOREVER’s organizational tools are simple and easy to understand; and through albums and tags you can find and share your photos with ease.
  7. FOREVER’s mobile app allows you to find, enjoy, organize, and share all your photos and videos no matter where you are.
  8. FOREVER’S print shop allows you to seamlessly turn your photos into meaningful creations and gifts.
  9. When you sign up for a FOREVER account, you have an ambassador (Us!) and online support for any questions you might have.
  10. FOREVER is secure and permanent. Your data is encrypted and stored in multiple locations. And through the FOREVER migration plan, your file formats will be updated as needed, so they are never obsolete.

Here’s what people are saying:

“I chose FOREVER because it cares about my photos and the information attached to them.  Many other cloud services compress my photos and even change the date, location or filename.  I feel that photos tell a story, but all too often the story is lost because it is not permanently attached to the photo.  I spent a lot of time organizing and adding pertinent information to my photos so that my kids and grandkids don’t have to be detectives to know who is in the photo, where it was taken and why it is significant.  I feel confident that FOREVER will keep this information with the photo for generations to come.”

“I like to read the fine print and I was impressed with FOREVER’s Guarantee Fund.  They have thought through and prepared for what happens as companies and formats change over time.  I trust that my photos will be there for years and decades from now.”

“I use my phone for everything.  Now I can use it to organize my photos when I have some downtime waiting at a doctor’s office, waiting for my child’s soccer practice to finish, or even on vacation using FOREVER’s mobile app!”

We are Qualified Ambassadors of FOREVER, so ask us how FOREVER can work for you, or check it out yourself with our affiliate link:

Note: this is an affiliate link and if you use it, we may earn a commission

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